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Noah's Ark, brown paper on white background, wooden carved frame with glass covering.

A rocker made from wooden planks and bent twigs. The seat backrest and rockers are made of oak. Bent twigs form the curved arm rests.

Whole glazed plate with black dots and swirl design.

Pieces consist of 31 paper cuts, 15 marker and 13 tempera. 19 done by males 12 done by females.

Small seascape, light colors, sail boat putting up sails, buildings in background. Soft and delicate look on natural toned paper. Bronze toned metal frame, white mat, glass covering. Contributor Elizabeth K. Lawson was EIU Dean of Women 1939-1966.

Portrayed in a standing position body & face directed towardviewer. Wears black graduation robe & blue and red hood descendsdown back. Holds mortar board with gold tassel in right arm.

Female Figure emerging from swirling hair-like mass. Face in upper center. Blacks and grays with subtle tones of brown and rust.

Face of quilt comprised of 7 blue and red stripes. Large star in middle. Star of 2 shades of red and blue fabric with embroidered flowers. Appears hand quilted. Back of quilt is a flowers (beige) patterned fabric.

Abstract watercolor/transparent overlapping forms predominately blues, violets, red-violets. From the series Sacred Space. Signed lower right "Alice Baber 1981."

Large horizontal oil painting, organic floating forms in primary colors, wood and chrome frame. Title on back- top. Signed 'Alice Barber 1980.'
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