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Nude female figure standing in front of a mirrored vanity with her back to the viewer. She is posed with her hands up toward her head, fixing her hair. There is a window in the background.

Three quarter portrait- female looking downward

Female nude figure standing contrapposto with her back toward the viewer, looking down.

Female nude figure posed sitting upright with both arms behind her head.

Abstract composition of a small cabin on a hillside, with an abstracted tree trunk visible in the foreground.

Female nude figure laying amongst blankets and pillows with her knees drawn up, one arm behind her head, and her head is turned away from the viewer.

Side portrait of female figure from the chest up. Hands are placed on top of a table. Figure has short hair and is wearing a billowy top. She is looking to the side.

Female nude figure standing and turned to one side, contrapposto with one hand raised to the side of her face, and other arm extended straight out to the side. Her head is turned to the side.

Female nude figure laying amongst blankets and pillows in the fetal position with her back toward the viewer- woven paper.

Portrait of young woman 3/4 view. She is wearing a sailor collar shirt. Annotated no. 4 woven paper.
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