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  • Collection: 20th and 21st Century Works on Paper

Composition- still-life inspired assemblage of various objects such as: measuring instruments, electrical connection components, fishing lures, keys, and a red ball and jacks. The background is made to look like written text on parchment paper.

Watercolor painting in a hyperrealistic style. Subject is a closely-cropped rendition of a white GMC van and three silver Airstream campers in the foreground, with a Ferris wheel and other fair ride in the background. The background also features a…

Abstracted depiction of Moses holding two tablets. Moses's face is shown in profile, holding the tablets in front of him. Moses is outlined in blue with a thin black outline, and the tablets are outlined in red with a thin black outline, and blue…

various grocery type objects in a shopping cart

Large Target-like shape takes up most of the print space. Vertical, non-objective. Browns, tans, yellow-browns greens, flesh-tones, and grays create this non-objective piece. Silver metal frame with white and tan liners.

3 horses in top section of print 2 Greek-like vessels in bottom section; lower left edition number "16/30" lower middle titled "Mentor's Menage" lower right signed "Archer."

Horizontal, patient and doctor painted in a child-like scribble manner. Left, patient, facing right, sitting on a blue stool. At right, doctor, facing front. The picture is covered with green and pink strokes. Silver metal frame with white liner.

Horizontal, pink/white lilies. White petals flecked with brown spots become pink toward center of flower. The green stamen is tipped with brown pods. Another Lilly side view to right. Silver metal frame with white liner; lower left edition…

Vertical, window with a red blind. Top to bottom left and right, blue and brown alternating stripes, surrounding the red shape. Center top to bottom, window covered by a red shade blowing in or out. Silver metal frame with a white liner; lower…

Busts (2) are center of interest. Oriental writing in middle of left side of print. Mainly grey with some pastel colors.
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