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  • Collection: Illinois Folk Arts Collection

Woven off white placemat that was once part of a set of 9; lacy small and large diamond pattern on a multiple heddle table top loom

Pleated skirt woven with slightly rough black yarn; Five sets of three blue stripes from middle to bottom of skirt; thickness of stripes increases when from top to bottom; blue thread includes gold plastic thread; at slit is a metal fastener and…

Woven runner with two different colored orange threads on white linen. Optical (coverlet-type) pattern. Tag on verso, upper left corner, reads, “Hand Woven by Irene C. Buzzard.” Possibly made in Tempe, Arizona

Two woven potholders made in Arizona, possibly Tempe. Colored with red, white, and blue stripes with multicolored (orange, pink, brown, blue, yellow, gray, green, and light blue) strings in between. Small plastic, circle handle on corner and hand…

Woven placemat with yellow yarn on off-white weft in geometric pattern. Possibly made in Tempe, Arizona. Tag attached to verso upper left corner reads, “Hand Woven by Irene C. Buzzard.” Significant stain on the verso bottom right side.

Possibly created in Tempe, Arizona as a hand towel. Woven off-white with light blue and metallic gold thread. Left side has one decorative stripe and right side has two decorative stripes. Stains and discoloration on front and back

Possibly created as a hand towel. May have been made in Tempe, Arizona. Woven off-white, white, green, and dark green threads. Dark green threads used to make vertical stripes, three on the left and one thick stripe on the right. Off white threads…

Pair of linen table runners, embroidered in variegated shades of blue. Embroidery of baskets of flowers. Crocheted lace on the borders. Possibly was stamped pattern with machine lace, with background possibly removed by chemicals.

Interior, parlor-like setting of four women and one young man quilting at a table; cat lying on a hooked rug, on the floor.
In good/stable condition; painting surface intact, some overall, light surface grime. Frame in good/stable condition; some…

Handmade shuttle for net knittings
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