Tarble Arts Center- Permanent Collection

Educational Study Collection


Educational Study Collection




A collection of works which have been 'inherited' by the Tarble Arts Center; with these works not actively collected nor sought out by the Center. These works do not otherwise designate themselves as belonging to one of the five Permanent Collection focus areas. This study collection designated itself into these areas:
Mexican Folk Arts
Latin American Folk Art
EIU Art Faculty
EIU Graduate Students
Lynn Trank Print Collection (pieces not categorized into the American Scene/Regionalists & 20th C. Contemporary Works on Paper
Native American Collection
Norton Family- Christmas Collection
Valentine in Clay
Daniel Marvin Collection (a collection of EIU Art Faculty, but specific to the Contributor)

Items in the Educational Study Collection Collection

Black foot with shimmering shell toe nails.

Wooden shape. Looks like a ship-wrecked boat or broken coffin.

Brain shaped form with dish built into top of brain. Made of white clay.

Spine shaped chalice made of white clay.

Wood Bell.