Tarble Arts Center- Permanent Collection

20th and 21st Century Works on Paper


20th and 21st Century Works on Paper


This is the most amorphous division of the Permanent Collection. This division is made up of primarily Illinois/Midwest artists’ works, with a few other notable exceptions; this division includes:
Illinois and Drawing/Watercolor Biennial: Illinois purchase award winners

Fred Jones: A Midwest Portfolio

Plucked Chicken Press folios

The Farm/Jamie Wyeth folio

Cityscapes folio

Mel Ramos folio

Charleston Sesquicentennial Drawings folio
Original prints by: Katja Oxman, James Butler, James McGarrell, Leonard Baskin, Jack Coughlin, Seong Moy, Peter Bodnar, Lee R. Chesney, Jr., David Driesbach, Ronald Kowalke

Watercolors by Alice Baber, Lawrence Calcagno, Rod Buffington

Items in the 20th and 21st Century Works on Paper Collection

Ink brush painting on brown paper of mountain with red houses painted in watercolor in left foreground.

chicken in a basketFrom the Portfolio: THE FARM

basketFrom the Portfolio: THE FARM

cows with numbers on themFrom the Portfolio: THE FARM

a pig running across a field/image of pig is small in comparison to size of paperFrom the Portfolio: THE FARM