Tarble Arts Center- Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection


Permanent Collection


Objects accessioned into the Tarble Arts Center- Permanent Collection. Sub-collections exist as part of the entire collection; and are included as items in both the Permanent Collection, as well as listed in the appropriate Sub-Collection.

Items in the Permanent Collection Collection

Large poster with an image of a young girl and a whilte background.

cardboard folio for image of HC II

Cowboy 1: "What's your scene man?"Cowboy 2: "Realisation*"Cowboy 1: "Yeah? I guess that means pretty hard work with big books and piles of paper on a big table."Cowboy 2: "Nope. I drift. Mostly I just drift."

120 cyanotype (blueprint) photos on silk pieced with contrasting fabric sewn together to form a log cabin style quilt by women of the neighborhood; photos of people living in & around Stevenson Township Marion Co. IL c. 1883-1886.

Photograph by Janet Laude